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Sales Management

Built around a proven sales pipeline management methodology.  No training or prior "CRM" experience required.

  • Quickly see how many deals are in each stage, sort, and filter by their expected close date, make smart decisions and stay in control of a complex sales process.
  • Just like an interactive spreadsheet, the deals “List View” allows you to choose which columns are displayed, in what order, and how they are displayed.
  • Built-in reminders and notifications


Project Management

Collaborate with your team. Get work done on time.

  • Plan and structure every project: break it down into smaller, manageable “tasks”.
  • Reorder tasks based on priority by simply clicking on them and dragging up or down in the task list.
  • Work with your team on tasks to get them completed on time. Each task can have important details like description, files, tags, discussions, estimates, and more.

HR Management

Simple, intuitive HR software focusing on people, not paper.

  • Increase productivity and automate processes
  • Engage with your team and turn feedback into action
  • Captures all company holidays, employee leave, and other important company events
  • Post engaging content like announcements, company events, inspirational quotes, and more.


Estimates, Invoicing & Expences

Create invoices, estimates, proposals & expences quickly and easily in Webrock CRM

  • Simple and professional invoices can be download in form of PDF.
  • Create estimates of how much the project can cost and send to your clients.
  • Track payments are done by clients in the payment section.

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Manage Sales

Our visual sales pipeline prompts you to take action, remain organized and stay in control of the complex sales process.

Customize your CRM

Easily customize your sales pipeline, filters, contacts and deals to suit any type of sales process.

Time Tracking

Keep track of hours worked, improve your team's productivity and your bottom line.

Team Calender

Schedule and track meetings, tasks, milestones and events for you or other team members.


Work with clients, partners and your team. With the option to keep things private, you control what the client (and team members) can see.

Reports & Dashboard

Gain instant visibility and insights you need to make informed decisions in real-time. Spot issues before things go off-track.

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I chose WEBROCK CRM because of its value and incredible superior customer service. They really care about small-to-medium-sized organizations like ours, whether you're very CRM experienced or lightly so. Every business needs a CRM these days. They really present a better value and are quite robust yet simple to use. Very pleased!

Rohan Bhatia

Posting to give a specis shoutout to Anand. two days in a row now he has helped me plow through some complicated issues, always with a good attitude and patience. Good support is hard to find in the SaaS world and whether it be Anand or someone else on the WEBROCK CRM support team - they are all great.

Moiz Mananasawala

Contacted support and Anand was extremely patient with me and walked me through all processes step by step.... Now that's what I call customer service par excellence... I highly recommend WEBROCK CRM.

Ivan Dcruz

Good Work Environment. Best workplace with great people. User-friendly CRM with lots of automation features and an amazing framework. So far, my experience with WEBROCK CRM has been very good.

Raman Ganapathy

Managing Business Has Never Been So Easy.

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